Feb, 14

Only By Association

Blog2When the word “only” is combined with another word it alienates anyone who is not part of that associated description. It was once used to segregate persons of different skin colors from interacting with one another. In a time where persons, places and things had an associated meaning. Places were divided between two races, established within society and broadcasted on signs and buildings like advertisements. Each person was described by their skin color, that was the defining part of who you were and where you were accepted. Your financial status was controlled by color and consequently decided your social status.

We are a long way from separate drinking fountains, restaurants, schools, bus stops and work environments. Just because those things are not relevant within society doesn’t mean it isn’t in the minds of those who decide to remain unchanged. The influence of segregation lives within those who are unwilling to sacrifice feeling for the better of our society. People with a segregated mindset raise their children with the same mentality leaving them to believe in a system created to keep us from ever finding peace and equality. We should all be able to have the friends we want by choice and not because its an acceptable satisfaction. Together we can go to the places we would like to enjoy and not to live only by association.

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