Nov, 13

5 Pointz – Graffiti Mecca NYC


I recently had the chance to visit 5 Pointz before the whitewalls were raised. If you didn’t get a chance to witness in person the artwork that displayed from the factory building, you may never get the chance again. 5 Pointz building owner has made the call to paint over the building and begin the construction of apartments.

For decades 5 Pointz has been a place that attracted people for its graffiti art murals. Artists would have a spot on the building to display their art for a period of time until the next artist comes and paints something new. If traveling on the 7 train you could see a view that displayed the higher side of the buildings art. In passing on street level the art masterpieces will capture you with their colors, design, size and imagination.

If you frequented the Long Island City area you probably had the chance to see some of the art displayed on a regular basis. Some art pieces will last longer then others, and there is a high possibility to miss out on many different artworks. I’m happy to say that I had the chance to go and take some shots of some of the pieces I thought were amazing. I thank the owners for giving the artist a chance to express themselves without police activity being a factor. I thank the curator and many artist that displayed a work of art and a place in 5 Pointz history. 5 Pointz will surely be missed but never forgotten.

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